The aspect of natural stone: singularities or defects?

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Natural stone is practically the only construction material that is placed on site as it comes from nature. No type of structure change, composition or manufacture is produced during the production processes beyond the cutting and grinding of the surface finish of the pieces.

The heterogeneities inherent to natural stone sometimes imply disputes between the contracting party and the supplier, because the expected aspect is not obtained once the work has finished. This is because natural stone can present significant variations in colour, texture, veining, etc., associated with its natural origin.

It is important to know that, even within the same exploitation or quarry, there may be differences in the same stone due, among other things, to the more or less deep exploitation areas in which it has been extracted at different times.

Because of these particularities, certain variations must necessarily be considered for the stone. Variations that do not constitute defects but singularities of the material.

This issue does not have to be a reason for rejection, since differences in appearance can be another element for design when carrying out a project. An adequate study on differences in the appearance of a stone in a work can lead to spectacular results.

For all this, the manufacturers provide, before the delivery of the material, a sample of reference. This sample, which represents the extreme and average aspects of the material, must be accepted by agreement between the supplier, the Management of the site and the owner.

The defects that do constitute a reason for rejection in a work are:

  • Break of the piece
  • Open fissures in some faces
  • Breaks in the corners of the pieces
  • Broken or chipped edges.

When in a project or work what is intended is to achieve total homogeneity in the finishes, natural stone is not the material of choice, but an artificial material.

In this natural character of the stone resides, among other things, its beauty.





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