PER – Recordable raised pavements with natural stone

Divulgation The PER, Recordable raised pavements (according to the Spanish acronym), or technical floors, are a modern and functional paving modality. Its penetration in the markets is growing due to its great versatility at the time of undertaking changes in the distribution of spaces in buildings for collective use in a functional way and without […]

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The CKP catalogue, more than 90 varieties

CKP-EN EuroCKP has a wide and varied offer of natural stone with more than 90 varieties. Strolling through the CKP warehouse you can find precious treasures, natural stones that come from local quarries and others brought from Asia, Africa, northern Europe or South America: Granites, gabbros, gneisses, shales, migmatites and quartzites, which allow us to offer […]

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The true reasons for choosing a granite countertop

Divulgation The countertop is an essential element for the kitchen and bathroom of our homes. In many cases, these elements become the most important part of the spaces, turning them into the central pieces on which the decoration of the home is focused. Nowadays there are numerous options of materials for this application. Countertops made […]

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