The CKP catalogue, more than 90 varieties

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EuroCKP has a wide and varied offer of natural stone with more than 90 varieties.

Strolling through the CKP warehouse you can find precious treasures, natural stones that come from local quarries and others brought from Asia, Africa, northern Europe or South America: Granites, gabbros, gneisses, shales, migmatites and quartzites, which allow us to offer a wide variety of colours and textures in uniform materials or singular and unique pieces.

In CKP, a great effort is made to have a varied and incomparable offer in order to satisfy the needs of all clients, even with exclusivity in the distribution of some materials.

We can classify the catalogue of materials in ten groups by the colour that stands out in each natural stone, but without forgetting the variety of tonalities that exist within each one. Each of the varieties can be searched by colour in the “Products” section of the web.

Although they are suitable for any use, some varieties are exceptionally suitable for countertops and kitchen and bathroom coverings, but also for the decoration of interiors in general, natural and unique pieces of spectacular colours and textures that make a wall, a corner, a table, counters, bed headboards, etc. stand out in an optimal way.


Some of these varieties are additions of the last three years, which today we want to stand out for their beauty and uniqueness:


BLACK & WHITE                                PRADA GOLD

BLACK GALAXY                                 TAJ MAHAL

BLUE MARE                                        TROPICAL STORM

COLONIAL WHITE                             VERDE DALÍ(DALÍ GREEN)

GOLDEN OAK                                      VÍA LÁCTEA (MILKY WAY)

STONE WOOD                                     WHITE SNAKE



These boards are spectacular, true? In the next post, we will discover in more detail all the treasures of the CKP catalogue by colours.


Nuria Sánchez Delgado

Doctor in Geology


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