The true reasons for choosing a granite countertop

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The countertop is an essential element for the kitchen and bathroom of our homes. In many cases, these elements become the most important part of the spaces, turning them into the central pieces on which the decoration of the home is focused.

Nowadays there are numerous options of materials for this application. Countertops made from quartz, resins, natural or artificial stone, solid wood, laminate and phenolic, steel or even glass are multiple options available. Each material offers some features and requires specific maintenance care.

Natural stone and, in particular, granite, has always been one of the first choice materials. With this post we help you understand why:

  • Granite is a natural stone.   It is formed in the earth’s crust solidifying slowly at high pressure. This is the cause of its characteristics of hardness and durability, which make it a perfect material for building.
  • It is a material that resists both high and low temperatures. It behaves in an optimal way in the vicinity of the cooking zone. It does not break or become altered when placing pans or other hot items on its surface.
  • It remains unchanged against scratches and rubbing. In addition, surface resins and other auxiliary products improve this capacity, making it void.
  • It is a material that does not deform, does not lose its natural brightness or its long-term color or because of exposure to UVA rays.
  • Granite countertops are not supposed to be a great investment compared with other artificial alternative materials.
  • It is not a delicate material. No specific maintenance is needed. To keep it like new, it is enough to clean it periodically with water and neutral soap.
  • Its almost zero porosity makes it a safe material in contact with food, as well as extremely stable when in contact with water or stains of different nature. Even so, if any staining product falls on your granite countertop, in previous posts, you have the way of proceeding to prevent the stain from penetrating, and even to clean it in the most serious cases.





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