Normative requirements for natural stone panels


The European standard EN 1468 establishes the requirements that must be met by natural stone panels with which construction products are subsequently manufactured.

In this sense, it is important to point out that, since it is not a finished product, but a by-product, it does not correspond to the mandatory CE marking, but it does have a series of controls that the manufacturer must take into account, and they have to do with their dimensions and characteristics. These are:

  1. Dimensional tolerances: Dimensional tolerances are established for the thickness of the boards, so that approximately 10% of variation in panels between 15 and 80 mm thick is tolerated.
  2. Flatness: the deviation for the flat surface of the boards should not be, in any case, greater than 3 mm.
  3. Surface finish: the surface finish should extend at least to the limits of the commercial size of a board. On the other hand, if filling materials are used, for example, for cavities, it must be stated what type of treatment they receive.
  4. Technical characteristics of the stone: the natural stone for boards should be characterized in terms of its petrological family (type of stone), apparent density, open porosity and resistance to bending.

In addition to these requirements, there must be a permanent system of production control in the factory, which guarantees the quality of the boards.

As a complement to our control system, at CKP we have technology that allows us to photograph most of the finished boards we sell, which is a great advantage when examining our production.




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